LIT Dreams

LIT Dreams is a daydream service for Android™ TVs and TV stick devices (1080p).

LIT Nilsson's most popular paintings (until year 2013) available in digital format suitable for Android TV or TV sticks, i.e. android devices on the wall. This package is for you that are interested in the painter's work but cannot afford or for some other reason are unable to get a physical painting. Included in the daydreaming package are the five most popular selected by web voting as well as by the artist's personal choice.

A Daydreaming service is invoked when the TV or android device has been idle for some time. When invoked paintings in the package are displayed following a pattern.

When developing this service, special care has been taken to ensure memory requirements are met and to prevent pixel burn-in.

If your device does not support daydreaming you can start the application normally.


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